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 Our Story
Our Journey

With determination and dedication we packed our bags and took our combined talents to Southern California to attend the Art Center College of Design (ACCD). On the journey we started with less than $1,500, but full of ambition, will and guts, arriving practically homeless. Have you ever slept out of craigslist garages and couch surfed? Well we did!

We did for the 1st month before our full scholarships landed. We are grateful for the generosity of friends and distant relatives, the only thing that we knew for certain was that we had to make it and we are making progress daily doing what we love.


Our vision landed us on top of the mountain, beginning to achieve goals that once were dreams. The ultimate film focus is becoming internationally respected Creators and Directors who make hit content across a variety of genres that moves the audience.


We learned to expand our creativity and professionalism under the leadership and mentorship of Film Department Chair, Ross LaManna and all of the passionate and talented professors and staff of Art Center College of Design. We are also receiving top of the line training from the great professors while attending USC for Cinematic Arts. 

Currently located in Los Angeles, CA, we find ourselves in an organically grown extended family of friends, film colleagues, supporters, peers, and positive professional mentors and people who are thrilled about the Next Level. We are inspired by this community and are determined to continue to provide value around the world. We are highly respected for our creative work we Directed for OREO and Dolce & Gabbana, Enlightenment Project Documentary.

It would take up so much space to name everyone and everything that inspires us. We gain our motivation from all sorts of leaders and also those we come across that just simply have their own story. The most common trait that they all have is passion in everything they do and the courage to never give up.

Film and TV Agent :Claire Best & Associates


We are living proof that when you put ego aside, bringing synergy ,love, team work, clear focus vision and accountability there are limitless possibilities. This is how we all can take it to the Next Level.


The Next Level Brothers in the 90s style keeping it fresh in 2021. 


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Awards & Achievements

International Film Fest Award - Best Short

Las Vegas Film Festival - Best Student Film

Chagrin Film Festival - Peoples Choice

London Film Festival - Selected

LA Film Festival - Selected

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